CleanSpace Halo in a Singapore Hospital Handling Covid

The COVID-19 pandemic has infected more than a 3 million patients, caused>230,000 deaths, and have greatly impacted the lives of millions. Singapore was one of the first countries outside China to be affected by the virus. Aggressive contact tracing and isolation with national legislations have helped limit the spread of the virus to just over 1400 people over the last 10 weeks of the pandemic. Nonetheless, there has been increasing community spread with a high number of unlinked cases detected. This has necessitated a partial lockdown to enforce distancing measures. Healthcare workers (HCW) meanwhile are rapidly ramping up capabilities and preparing for a worsening of the crisis. COVID-19 has been well established to spread through droplets and potentially, aerosol-generating procedures (AGP). The protection of the health of HCW is of paramount importance. One of the few protective measures is the strict compliance to personal protective equipment (PPE). On top of the utility of surgical face masks and N95 respirators, powered air-purifying respirators (PAPR) is another tool in our armamentarium. Of significant importance is the worldwide shortage of disposable N95 respirators due to production and supply chain cuts. Protectionist policies and stockpiling have also greatly reduced availability. Sengkang General Hospital was a newly opened 1400 bed hospital in August 2018. To date, we have managed 748 COVID-19 positive cases in a “mixed COVID” hospital.

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