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CS3024 BioHood

The CleanSpace BioHood is suitable for use with the CleanSpace HALO half mask system and is designed to provide protection against splash and air-borne contaminants. The BioHood does not provide or contribute to the HALO system’s respiratory protection and must always be used alongside a CleanSpace HALO Half Mask (CS3003, CS3004 or CS3005), a CleanSpace HALO Bio P3 TM3 Particulate Filter P SL R (CS3025) and a BIO Exhalation Valve Cover (CS3026). The HALO BIO Exhalation Filter (CS3027) can also be used with the BioHood however this is an optional accessory.

No other combination of mask, filter and exhalation valve is approved for use with the BioHood. The BioHood is secured to the HALO half mask system through two grommets. These grommets ‘snap’ to the BIO Exhalation Valve Cover at the front and the inlet tube of the CleanSpace BIO Filter at the back.

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