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Healthcare Protection Reinvented

Expert Pro was born out of the desire to lead the way in providing innovative, effective and industry leading products to support the healthcare sector with a bespoke, award winning service. With decades of experience and product knowledge, our specialist team of professionals supplies all areas of the healthcare sector across the UK with the most advanced healthcare PAPR in the world – CleanSpace HALO.

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World’s first exhalation valve filter for PAPR for source control in sterile settings.
Suitable for use in patient care settings and laboratory / pharmaceutical clean rooms. Developed specifically for sterile environments where filtering of the wearer’s exhaled air is required. Provides reliable source control for CleanSpace respirators, when used with the half mask.

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Cleanspace Smart App

CleanSpace Smart connects CleanSpace Respirator power unit over Bluetooth. The app can check functionality of the unit, mask fit check, monitor usage. App also includes knowledge base videos for user

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ExpertPro Support

At ExpertPro our pre-sale and after-sale support package is second to none. From the registration of interest, we will arrange all the necessary information, loan test kits and on-line demonstration. We have large inventory here at Leeds to fulfil your demands on same or next day delivery, and once delivered we are on hand to arrange the user training prior to the units going into service. We have full spares stock and back up and can offer full maintenance and service programmes along with refresher training as required.

ExpertPro is the UK distribution company for CleanSpace Technology


CleanSpace Technology is a specialist in respirator design and manufacture of devices for advanced personal respiratory protection.

CleanSpace Technology is a revolution in respiratory protection.

Developed by biomedical engineers from the medical device industry who are specialists in positive pressure airflow control and mask design, and work to the highest standards in safety, quality and reliability. The team built their skills and expertise in FDA approved CPAP respirators and ventilators currently used by millions of patients around the world. CleanSpace®, the world’s smallest powered respirator delivers the convenience of a negative pressure mask (i.e N95) with the protection and comfort of a PAPR. The smart, patented technology delivers respiratory protection against particles and dust (HEPA accredited filters, approved 1,000 times protection factor, 99.98% effectiveness for 0.3micron dust particles and above).

Working closely with healthcare professionals, the CleanSpace Respirators are designed for the healthcare environment by healthcare device engineers to ensure high performance, safety and reliability. Focused on Innovation and quality, CleanSpace Technology’s aim is to enable healthcare workers to be protected and comfortable when working with potential pathogens and air bourne biohazards.

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“CleanSpace Respirators utilise the latest in medical device technology for high protection and performance over traditional healthcare protective respirators. Importantly the intuitive and ergonomic design, makes training and use easy and fast – ensuring comfort and compliance in healthcare settings where the protection of first line healthcare teams is critical.”

Dr Alex Birrell, CEO

Healthcare worker protection: The key to surviving the next respiratory outbreak

Serious geopolitical and social forces are converging to create the conditions, on a scale unique in history, for a major respiratory pandemic. Prioritising the protection of healthcare workers will be key to containing such a pandemic.



Cleanspace Smart App

CleanSpace Smart helps manage your organisation’s respiratory protection program.

CleanSpace Smart connects CleanSpace Respirator power unit over Bluetooth. The app can check functionality of the unit, mask fit check, monitor usage. App also includes knowledge base videos for user

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